Let’s try this again.

Well, hello. If you have looked at my previous posts, you have likely noted that this is not my first go at INFO (LIBR) 200. There were some technical difficulties with the first go around, so here I am again.

For anyone who hasn’t scrolled through previous posts, here is a recap of me:

“My name is Elisha Wells (pronounced like Alicia). I live in Greenup County, Kentucky. I work as a Library Specialist at Clark Memorial Library at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio. I started out as a student reference assistant while working on my undergrad. After graduating with a BA in Social Science in 2011, I was hired on as the part time Government Documents Clerk. I am now the Cataloger. I am interested in academic librarianship.”

I have to say I really enjoyed this class the first time and felt that I learned a lot about Deaf Culture as an information community. Now to decide on a new community to research… I have a few ideas, it’s just narrowing it down to one. I’m really looking forward to this semester.

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