The end is only the beginning.

It has been a jam-packed semester, but it is almost done. Seems like it has passed in a flash.

Taking a moment to reflect on all that has passed during the past weeks in LIBR 200 Information Communities leaves me almost shaking my head. The various lectures and readings have provided a wealth of information. I find that I certainly look at providing access in a different light now. Not the least of this has come from learning of the various communities represented in this course. It has been interesting to read the blogs of my classmates and learn about their various information communities. I hope that others have found mine to be as helpful and informative.

For my part, I found it a little rough connecting to members of the D/deaf community. Interestingly enough, just today (as the semester draws to a close) I received a reply to one of the many emails I have sent this semester attempting to get the perspective of members of the Deaf community. The founder of responded to say that he would be happy to post a video if I would like to make one. So, it would appear that after a semester of banging my head against a wall,  I finally have an in. I intend to shake the dust off my signing and attempt to make a video in ASL asking for feedback from D/deaf community on the various topics we have discussed.

So, though the course comes to an end, my exploration of information communities continues. I have learned a lot from research, but I hope to gain more first hand intelligence on how, as an information professional, to better serve the D/deaf community. It is my hope to take this knowledge and, reaching past stereotypes and norms, find a way to apply it in my current and future library positions.  For certain, in my case, the end is only the beginning.