But my comfort zone is comfy!!!!!

There. I said it.

I hate stepping out of my comfort zone. That’s sort of the point of a comfort zone, right? It’s cozy. It’s comfortable. Like an old sweat shirt or a pair of fuzzy slippers… oh, okay… fuzzy toe socks.

I’ve been striving to make myself step out of my comfort zone. But I will be honest, my intentions were more along the lines of poking out a single toe at a time. Rather, I sort of feel like I’ve gone flailing out into the great unknown.

I mean at work I’m serving on committees I could never have pictured myself on. And I’m actually making myself speak up. For school, I have had two Collaborate meetings in the past two days with groups from different classes. Some of these people are on opposite sides of the country. And I am actually putting myself out there to talk to them and work on projects. That is totally new for me.

Then I read the details for the next blog assignment in LIBR 200. Interview? It’s not like I have a whole host of friends in the Deaf community. And my ASL is incredibly rusty at best. Who on earth am I going to interview and how?

Well,I started thinking. (Dangerous!) When I was taking ASL classes we used to get online and watch videos to practice in lab. Some of the videos we watched were from Deafnewspaper.com and there was a lady that did cooking videos that I had friended on Facebook. Before I could talk myself out of it, I had looked her up and sent her a message explaining the assignment and asking for her help. Now I am supposed to interview this lady. Interview!!!

Forget putting a toe out… forget flailing… I feel like I’ve gone hurdling past the confines of my comfy little safe space to find myself on a collision course with Mars!

I’m proud of myself for getting out there. If you knew me, trust me, you would be too.

But, just for a few minutes, before I have to take another leap, I think I will curl up in my old sweat shirt and fuzzy socks and just relax. After all, my comfort zone is comfy!

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