It’s time to start library school.

Hello, LIBR 203.

Let me just be honest, it just seems easier to use this as my blog for my library classes. I mean after all, how much more appropriate could “kooky library girl” be? I may have to change the tone a bit for my class posts. The look and feel definitely started off as a relaxed, “kooky” sort of blog. I fully intend to continue in that vein with any non course related posts. However, I will attempt to rein it in for those posts related to our assignments.

As an added bonus, perhaps this will be another avenue to keeping me organized and prioritized. Anything is worth a try.

It is my hope that through this blog others can get a glimpse of me. In case anyone is interested in where I spend most of my time (i.e. where I work), take a minute and check out Clark Memorial Library.

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