There are enough hours in the day.

Yes, it’s true. I hear it said all the time and I’d be rich if I had a nickel for all the times I’ve said it myself. There aren’t enough hours in the day. But, that is just not the case. There are enough hours in the day. As usual, the problem is not with the day or the number of hours in it, but with me. There are enough hours in the day, I’m just trying to pack too much into them.

My To Do List is about six miles long (if you leave out spaces and punctuation and abbreviate even the small words). I never seem to catch up because before I can check off one thing I’ve added two more. So, I’m making an effort to organize and prioritize. I mean, really I have no choice with all I have going on.

Since I spend so much time cataloging at work, I’ve decided to apply the same principles to other areas of my life. Soooooooo…I am working on “cataloging” all the puppets and costumes and supplies in the puppet room at church. I have organized all of my class materials and supplies in a similar fashion. My laundry and my closet are even getting a whole new approach.

Some might think I’m taking the cataloging to the extreme. Perhaps I am. But using the same sort of system in all areas of my life right now just seems to simplify things. And it’s not like I’m digitizing my puppets or writing my homework in MARC code. Now that might be extreme.

I’m determined to get organized and prioritized and to make better use of the hours in the day. After all, if there are enough hours in the day for the sun to rise and set, I’d wager there are enough for anything I need to get done.

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